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18 Jan

In the beginning I was….then I became…

I have the bad habit to keep everything and storage it. A bag from a present, an empty box, a bottle, even a napkin that someone that I love gave me and Im too emotional to throw it away! Sometimes this habit can be useful, most of the time its not! The result is to have a bunch of useless things (still very nice!) and keep them just in case I use them for something. When the time to use something comes Im really happy and proud that I have kept it and patiently waited to say ha! I have this, that I can use it like this! So I named this post in the beginning I was… then I became…because you will see smart ways of how to use things that at first were something else but at the end became something totally different! 

At first I was a watch box, then I became a pencils case!

At first I was a tea bags box, then I became a cotton buds box!

At first I was an astray, then I became a coins box!

At first I was an eggs box, then I became a jewelry box!