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6 Feb

Pretty in Pastel!

This spring everything will be about pastels! Its the new fashion trend and it gives a total girly look! London fashion week has been a host to a great deal of pastels! Find it everywhere! In jeans, tops, accessories, beauty! Here are my favorite products in pale pink!chanel eau tendre the body shop all over shimmer maybelline lipstick juicy pink no161 burberry brit sheer victorias secret silk body lotion, strawberries and champagne h&m strawberry cupcake lipgloss oysho lace top...
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3 Feb

The art of light

When it comes to lights I can say that I like the strange ones. The ones with unusual shapes and forms, the minimal ones. And this light bought from Habitat  is exactly what I mean.  Its called ribbon, because it looks like one.  The small ribbon is for a candle. No words....
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31 Jan

Smell nice, feel nice, relax!

These lovely products were a present :) I wasn't familiar with the trademark, so I got really excited with the perfect smells and the cool packaging! Stenders are luxurious small shops selling high quality natural bath and body cosmetics. The products are hand-made using natural products like plant oils, essential oils, distilled essential oils, beeswax and honey cells. My beauty box contained a nice relaxing massage oil, a beautiful foam soap smelling rose and two soaps with perfect colors and scents, that I can't decide if I will use them or just put them in my closet for beautiful smelling clothes! You will find Stenders in Golden Hall or on the web. This post is specially dedicated to our beloved friends P+N+V! Thanks...
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24 Jan

Jewelry pool!

I love jewelry and especially necklaces! I prefer them long with gold chains, with big or small rocks, in all colors and shapes! Lets play pool with 17 of my favorite necklaces!white ball pull&bear no1 ball marc jacobs no2, no5, no14 ball massimo dutti no3 ball from a bazaar in berlin no4 ball accessorize no6, no11, no13 ball oysho no7, no12 ball asks no8 ball present from my mom no9, no10 ball h&m no15 ball uterque...
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19 Jan

Type it or hold it!

I was in Ag.Paraskeuis venus shopping center, when I saw this unique bag in the window of a little store named poua. Well I couldn't resist, so not only I went inside the store, but I also bought it! I loved the design, the shape (its really thin, it can be used both as an ordinary and a laptop bag), and the pattern...
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18 Jan

In the beginning I was….then I became…

I have the bad habit to keep everything and storage it. A bag from a present, an empty box, a bottle, even a napkin that someone that I love gave me and Im too emotional to throw it away! Sometimes this habit can be useful, most of the time its not! The result is to have a bunch of useless things (still very nice!) and keep them just in case I use them for something. When the time to use something comes Im really happy and proud that I have kept it and patiently waited to say ha! I have this, that I can use it like this! So I named this post in the beginning I was...
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16 Jan

Nail patch art!

I love love love nail polishes and I always have my finger nails painted! So in my last weeks visit in Sephora I found these great decorated nail polish stickers! I have never used them before so I decided to try them! I bought 2 different ones,  one called ''my favorite skirt'' and one called '' my pied de poule ''.  One pack is for one application, it contains 2 strips of 8 adhesive nail stickers to fit all nail sizes.  The package has on it directions and its really easy to use.  Well I really liked it, so I photographed it in many ways and I wanted to post them all, so here they are!And here is how it looks...
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13 Jan

For the rainy days…

Rainy days means getting wet. The best way to get less wet and enjoy the splashes is to wear a nice pair of rain boots and hold a big umbrella! My choice for these kind of days are these perfect hunter boots in grey and this beautiful umbrella bought from Shop ermou 112A! I wanted to take some pictures with the umbrella opened but they say its bad luck, not that I believe in prejudices but I didnt want to risk it! :)...
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11 Jan

Bring design in your kitchen!

This pallet trivet is a 1:6 reconstruction of the original ''euro pallet''. It is made out of fir wood and its tough enough to be piled with your industrial cooking utensils! When I saw it in octopus I got really excited because I was looking for a long time to find something to put hot pots on! Well it worth waiting!...
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