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9 Mar

Gold leaves in my hair…

What about hair bands? I bought this one last year, but had never worn it before. Now that I see it how it looks in my hair, I can say that I really like it. It gives a romantic touch in my outfits! Well I think that a hair bands love has started and I can't wait to find some more!gold hair band accessorize...
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6 Mar

Handmade ballerinas!

I found them while searching in These shoes are totally great, colorful and they are handmade by Eleonora! An italian designer, who creates unique accessories from the finest and nicest leathers and textiles, all coming from italy and spain! Well I totally loved them all and can't decide which one to order!          for more details and orders find eleonora here ! ...
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28 Feb

Time for manicure!

After a long weekend in the snowy mountains, my nails really needed a manicure. I like to experiment with the colors and the combinations, so this time I decided to do a black&green manicure. Really loved the result!black nail polish biolife no.166 green nail polish seventeen no.64 long dress in salmon color oysho vintage skirt my moms puzzle necklace gift from my mom feather ring h&m...
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23 Feb

Video game

I found it while I was searching my old forgotten stuff that I keep in my parents house! I have spent so many hours playing that brick game when I was younger ! As I have mentioned before I keep all my things and never through away nothing! My lovely tetris was one of the old and forgotten things that of course would never throw away! And the most amazing thing??? Its still working!!! Yeahhh!!!...
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20 Feb


I always pay a visit to uterque during sales. I find so many things that i like every time i visit an uterque store, but i usually leave with empty hands since everything is a bit expensive. So i try my luck in sales and if i find something left that i wanted with a discount I'm pretty happy. Well in my last visit i found this super bag in black&white colors and gold details, in a very good price, almost in half price, so i couldn't resist and bought it! Im a big fun of big, almost huge bags, but last days i find myself attracted by smaller ones...
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16 Feb

Kitchen typography

How much could someone ever expect from a kitchen towel regarding design? This towel shows that you can expect quite a lot! In black and white colors and with some great typography on it, I can say that this is the perfect kitchen towel!kitchen towel from zara home...
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14 Feb

Fashion should be fun!

As I was doing my usual internet walk around asos  I came upon these awesome flower cut out shoes by moschino chip&chic.  ''Fashion should be fun''. That was the motto of the italian design house moschino, and these shoes are exactly that! They are crafted in smooth genuine leather,  featuring a laser cut out flower and they have the perfect yellow color!  I don't usually post things in my blog that aren't mine,  or they aren't at least photographed by me, but I was really excited with these shoes and had to share my excitement! Of course they are way more expensive than the amount of money I would ever spent for a pair of shoes, but looking is still...
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10 Feb

Coo coo!

It is spring in the air! And it smells so nice! And you can smell it in h&m! Then you can bring spring in your house and thats what I did! I was first attracted by their beautifully cute packaging and then by their fresh spring smells! Pear and cucumber for a fresh body splash and  guava and fig for a lovely shower gel! Something also very appealing was their price. They were very cheap! What else could somebody want!...
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8 Feb

The sketchbook project

The sketchbook project is a collaborative series of art books created by 5,000 artists around the world. Anyone, from anywhere in the world could participate in the project. You just had to sign up to receive a blank sketchbook in the mail, then fill it up and send it back. Your work would be cataloged in the Brooklyn Art Library and published in the Limited Edition art book series. One of them was my sis Nadia! Take a look of her great sketchbook!See Nadias work here and here ! ...
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